Cameraboy will encourage you to shoot more in 2020 and take good care of yourself while at it

Your health is as important as your art; Take out time to relax and rest;
Give me time to explain the concept with you from the unpleasant experience I got during this long vacation

So I was down and diagnosed with Malaria (chronic one ) that I had to be admitted for days at the hospital and all I could do was watch films and sleep all day for more than 4days


Through the year I had traveled to 12 states in Nigeria and some countries outside Nigeria: mind you I was in some rural villages too at a time, which means I have been exposed to the factual possibility of contracting Malaria. However, I never paid attention to warning signals until I was finally down.

I missed some fantastic event times and rejected a lot of job offers because I was down and this thought me a lesson I thought it’s important I share.

Take good care of your machine {your body} else your body will force you to and at that time it will be unpleasant and more expensive you don’t have to shoot all the weddings. Rejecting some wedding offers won’t kick you out of business

Don’t be shy to say you are sick. Yeah, this may sound funny, but for real some of us perceive ourselves from the lens of others that sees us as strong and hardworking, so we become too entitled to the fake reality that we are; Brother it’s a lie you are human and you can be down at a time

Simplify the idea

Being smart is about keeping it simple. Don’t overcomplicate your idea.

Innovation is a restless pursuit to always be better. I hope these tips inspire you to reach that little bit further, faster and higher.

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