How To Recover Files From Formatted SD Card

How to Manage Misplaced Wedding Files

My worst nightmare has just been confirmed, this singular art is what I dread most as a wedding photographer. MISPLACING FILES.
As a wedding photographer you can’t afford to make the mistake of losing wedding files, but who is above mistake ?

However your client won’t want to listen to excuses as some might file to sue you, some might even ask for a refund and above all, this will cause great damage to your name and reputation 

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But the truth is these things happen and can happen to anyone, but you can guild against them just for self-justification that u were not careless. Here are some steps I have used over the 4 years In business; note this steps can be modified to suit you

1. Back up immediately you have the chance after the event and watch the process till it’s completed
Well I know u might be very tired after long hours of straight shoot but it’s better to struggle now than to cry later
However, if u are so tired to backup at least remove the battery for your camera ( to avoid it been mistakenly formatted ) and note never remove the card until you are ready to backup, then keep your camera in a safe place.

2. Never cut from the card for any reason, make sure u copy the file. Never cut, because when you cut a file and the process of transferring the data was interrupted you stand a great risk of losing your files

3. Never format your card immediately after backup. For me, my card serves as my 2nd backup after my computer. So in case something happens to my PC I can always go back to the card. I usually prefer to leave the project on the card till I need to use the card ( that means when I don’t have any other card available, I usually have more than 5 sd cards). Well if u have to use the card this is where the 4th point comes in

4. Always backup your file on an external hard drive
Yes, I don’t encourage you saving your files in just two places so I recommend a Hard drive to be your third after your card and your PC.

5. This is more like a piece of advice, never keep your backup devices at the same. This is for security reasons. For me, I don’t have many places I put my stuff but I try to keep them apart as far as possible. Usually, my PC is on my desk, my SD  card in my wardrobe and my Hard Drive could be seating at the office

6. Try to process the job as soon as possible even when the client hasn’t paid the balance. You are safer when the job is ready and they pay you long after than when they pay you long after you don’t have the project anymore. And also this helps you save time and space on your Devices. You can easily delete unused rushes ( I don’t do this until I deliver the job tho )

Dont Be Sad

Well as I have said earlier no one is above mistake   shit might just go south and your files are gone. For instance, I got to the hotel after 13 hours of straight shoot ( a wedding ), boom I loaded my card into my system and virus wiped the whole files. Yeah, it happened ( but ever tell my client ) lol…

So there are ways to go about it
1 Do not panic. Yes this has happened to the best of us, and they got out of it without a scratch but not without some necessary spending

2. Don’t be in a hurry to get the files back, for me I believe a free and relaxed minds do better than troubled ones

3. Put the card back into your camera and be sure your camera couldn’t read it either, in fact, you can take a test shot, make sure it’s just one shot, too much will override the previous job

4. Now, get a trusted recovery software on a PC that u can trust and make sure u have a good power supply or a stand by power source just in case ( for Nigerians tho)
For me I use Ease Us, but lately, I have used Disk Drill and it worked fine

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5. Start recovery,

6. Finger crossed and I am almost certain you will get it back, less I forgot, make sure you use a good SD card always, it’s going to save you a lot of headaches.

. But if you couldn’t recover here are some basic step I recommend you take professionally

Don't be Depressed


Don’t be depressed

1. Was there any Photographer at all at the event or u shot alone, if there were, try to link them up and get their files. Now, this is a reason why you don’t see other Photographers as competition and u act badly to them. I have misplaced a fine before and because I was nice to the other Photographer that was available at the event he gave me is footages for free but just sending a Dm on Instagram ( Be Nice )

2. If there was no other Photographer, then you have to send your card to a professional data recovery center in your state. To get recovery centers, kindly search google, the best of them are on Google map

3 if luck is not in your side with the recovery centers, now you take the final and last approach, TELL YOUR CLIENT. Before this just focus your mind on savaging your brand name, and be ready to do everything reasonable in your power to satisfy them. And note I said in your power.

4 Call your client and explain, sometimes I tell people to say the truth but not the whole truth but don’t lie nor give promise of possible recovery AND MAKE SURE U APOLOGIES

5 Face the danm consequences

NOTE: the worst-case scenario is that you go to court and the law could only tell you to pay back the full money, you are not going to prison nor getting some indictment.


Trouble is sweet but stays out of it, if you have something to loose

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