I Was The Photographer At My Crush’s Wedding

Cameraboy Wedding

Yeah, I Was The Photographer At My Crush’s Wedding. I was privileged to cover #Simi Olayisades love story with the love of her life hashtag#Abiodun

On the twist, she was my primary school mate and based on influence, we were close and somewhat best friends and I was shy to ask her out so I decided to date her in my mind and I did that so successful that I broke up with her in my mind too. lol.

Cameraboy Weddings

At her wedding, memories came flooding my mind of how smart she is and judging from her choice if a life partner I say she is now even smarter. Congratulations Simi Olayisade on your wedding

In the end, I enjoyed the wedding so much that I got the best of pictures, The groom said: “I haven’t seen the outcome of these pictures but the way you snap I know they are just perfect …”

Here are some pictures from the event: I Was The Photographer At My Crush’s Wedding

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