Important Software for a Wedding Photographer

10 Software every Wedding Photographers must have

I have struggled from one software to another of the past few years of my presence in the professional field of photography. But the reality is you don’t have to go through the struggles I went through 💔, that’s why I am taking out time to run these compilations for you.

Why are software important apart from just processing pictures? First of all, it is to lessen the time spent on a particular project and fasten your turn our time. I believe you know promptness is one of the characteristics of a good wedding photographer

Here are 10 lists of software you should have as a wedding photographer. Note: The list is not limited to 10 as you can add yours and let me know why

1 Photoshop

Yeah, you guessed right, photoshop is the father of them all for all Photographers, because of its rich features. I recommend this software for a wedding photographer because sometime u would want to do some complex editing 😉 like Frequency Separation, Dodge and Burn and so on. Well, this app might take alot of time considering you have a lot of pictures to work with in a short period of time, so I recommend:


2 Lightroom / Camera raw

Over the years there have been a lot of comparison between this softwares but for me I use more of Camera Raw than Lightroom ( there is no reason but because my Mac, finds it hard to work softly with LR ) but if u have a better PC LR is a good way to go. Basically these Softwares help you process Pictures faster as you can easily sync setting on a picture you have edited to other pictures in it’s set and save multiple pictures at once while you do other things.

3 Fast Raw Viewer

This is a photo crawling software that helps you craw through your Raw pictures effortlessly and select the ones you want to process in LR or PS. There are so many software for crawling, as a matter of fact, there are better software like Photo mechanic, I choose Fast Raw Viewer cause it’s cheap and does the magic for me regardless

4 Star Watermark

Have you ever have to send pictures ASAP to a client for proofing or you have to send soft copies of your pictures to a lot of people for them to download? Then Star Watermark is the way to go, it helps you watermark your pictures seamlessly and quickly.
Well for people that uses LR this app might not be useful for you but for my Camera Raw users this is the way to Water maker all your pictures at once

5 Carbon Copy

This is a software I use to clone my hard drive for backup. From my last blog post I believe by now you know the importance of Backup.

6 Disk Drill

This is a recovery software, well I pray you never need it, but it will do you a lot of good if you have it and you get to need it 😉. Better prepared than to be caught with your pants down

7 U torrent

Who knows any torrent site? I bet you do, you will need this software to download torrent files which is the usual file type for other software you might want to steal or buy as the case might be ( don’t tell Adobe that more than Half of Photographers cracked their Photoshop 🙄🙄🙄)

8 Cloud Storage

For me this is important. You can use it as a backup or a means to send and share files with your clients. I use Dropbox because of its flexibility. It has an app u can install on your PC and all you need to do to backup or share file is to Drag and Drop in the app and boom your link is ready 👍. Google drive is cheaper tho, it’s 300 naira per month. And remember you need a good internet service provider ( do u want to know my network provider and which package I recommend for Photographers hit the comment section)

9. Fundy Designer / Smart Album

Yeah, these are the software you can use to process your photobook very fast and escape the horror of PS or Corel draw 😇😇😇😭. Well you learn more about the usage kindly register for my Online class where I cover all the Basics of photobook process and editing for photobook

10 Any Music player of your choice

Well, work flowers better with music. Let me know which is your best music player software

What is a list of 10 software without 11

But I will you to drop a comment and I will give you one more important software I use ( maybe one of my best )

Drop a comment 😂

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