Somewhere in Nigeria some years ago, my parents got married. Thiers must have been vision 1999. It’s being 21 years ago since the love tale became official and guess what? It has been waxing stronger. How time flies… Did you know that my humble self was the ring bearer at the occasion? Although I was pretty small but till tomorrow or even next tomorrow, I still have patches of the memories. Trust me, we are few with such retentive memories.

How can I forget how my suit was pinned against my body to give it that slim fit look or how I cried when the priest toasted me to releasing the ring. Wait, was it his ring? Or was he the one that gave me? Where I come from, you cannot take what you did not give. I was a really hard nut to crack that day but sadly, there is no singular way to behold the perfect memory of this day because there were no surviving pictures nor video.
Don’t get it twisted, “Baba Photo” was paid and he delivered a large photo album but there were two major problems that still hurts me till today.

This is my mother and my Father

Eld and Dec Durojaye
Eld and Dec Durojaye

1. Baba photo removed all the background of all the pictures leaving only the bride and the groom. My thought, while I was young, was that he did it because he was jealous that he will not show in the pictures.

2. As if that was not enough. 21 years later, the album is no more. The video VHF has cracked beyond repair and the worst of them all which is the Oga kpatakpata is that Baba photo doesn’t have a backup.

How do I solve this problem
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